Hello, how many cycles the pressure relief safety valve provided for MSL? Is it permissible to use this valve system air pressure relief with everyday?
Yes, possible to use on the air. The valve is designed for 100 000 cycles or more.
How thermostat controls the three-way mixing valve with actuator V3GB?
To V3GB valve servo-M60 is in automatic mode, it is necessary to use automatic boiler capable of delivering three-point control signal from 0 to 10V. If your boiler does not have this function, use the controller Watts Climatic Control. This controller has included: Flow temperature sensor, ambient air sensor, the ability to connect a room thermostat, and is capable of producing three-point control signal.
Please suggest to the company WATTS, is there a possibility of delivery from the factory line item 3-way thermomixer, which is part of the group ISOTHERM, and what his article?
We can supply as a thermostatic valve completely, and repair kit, Costoyalsya from the insert valve with seals. 10009876 thermostatic valve 30 ° -50 ° C 10,009,880 3,431,367 repair kit 30-50 ° C
To what temperature can be used servos:
  • 10004370 VTA22C230NA2-5 
  • 10004363 VTZ22C230NC2-5 
The customer water temperature 85 C .... You can apply these servos in these conditions?
Сервопривод напрямую не контактирует с жидкостью, поэтому этот вопрос надо переадресовать к рабочим параметром управляемого клапана. Важно, чтобы температура окружающей среды была от 0 до 50°С.
Radio room Milux Weekly working with normally open or closed actuators?
Radio room Milux Weekly works with both normally open and normally closed actuators. Select the type of servo drive can be done in the menu settings of the thermostat.
Why raditermostat WFHT RF Basic binds directly to the two areas?
Because in the process of snapping the thermostat to the radio module were selected in the two zones that will flow control signal from the thermostat. If you need to attach the thermostat to only one area, reinitialize (snapping the thermostat to the module) by only one zone.
Can I use a security group SFR-D boiler to drain the water from the water heater?
Yes, it is possible using a safety valve.
The boiler set temperature of 60C. At the pump-mixing unit ISOTHERM set flow temperature in the floor heating to 50 C. Why the hot water does not pass through the mixing valve module and the flow temperature in the floor heating does not exceed 45 ° C?
Temperature mixing module ISOTHERM installed, should be about 15 C lower than the temperature in the boiler. If you want to set the temperature in the floor heating supply 50 C, then you need to increase the flow temperature of the boiler to 65 C.

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